Premature Apocalypse-tion

Even before he’s officially the leader of the free world, Trump has not disappointed in metastasizing into a throbbing soul-ache for the Liberal world. He appointed a senior White Nationalist in Stephen Bannon to be his Chief Strategist and pretty much adopted an “Opposite Day” approach to fill cabinet positions. Dr. Ben Carson is known for having anaphylactic allergies to Public Housing naturally, he was nominated Head of the HUD. Oklahoma’s AG, who’s spent his entire career delegitimizing environmental science and flinging mud balls at environmentalists, was asked to find it in his heart to you know..head the EPA. Betsy Devos, a veteran GOP donor, is very fond of privatizing the school systems and so it should surprise no one that Trump deems it fit to appoint her Secretary of Education.

To cap it all off, there’s no indication that the real estate mogul has any intentions to quell anxieties about conflict of interests. A walking distance from the White House, stands his Trump International Hotel in which foreign dignitaries with any ounce of common sense will book their stays on D.C. visits. After requesting for security clearance for his offspring, he has maintained they’ll run his business empire (whose obligations remain unknown stemming from the President Elect’s failure to release his taxes) . His children sat serious-faced today in his high level meeting with the world’s leading executives because..WHY NOT.

Lastly, he continues to disparage the intelligence community instead deferring to a mystical 400lb New Jersey man, who lies in his bed all day whilst wreaking havoc on the US cyberspace. The plot is thickening and the movie hasn’t even started yet.