First post on Medium.

Ok, you must be shook because of how ugly and ridiculous I look. I know, but let’s get into that in later posts. This post will only be a brief introduction about myself and what you could expect from my future writings.

Let’s first be clear that I’m nowhere near as an English native speaker. I’m proudly Vietnamese, learning English, French and German — the 3 languages that are closely related to each other. Some might think it’s a bad idea to learn those AT THE SAME TIME. But I’m doing it anyways.

Actually I have been studying English since I was 7. And now being a third-year college student majoring in English language has been a real advantage for me to use the language efficiently.

For the other two, I have just started to learn them this year and it has been going on for a couple of months. Everything is great so far though I may mess up with the three languages sometimes.

The fact that I will soon be a polygot always keeps me motivated in learning languages since the perks of being one are indisputable. However, my ability of using my mother language seems to have been reduced since I decided to use English more often. I have been trying to read in English, write in English everyday. Moreover, as my major is English, I have no excuse to not use the language. I’m surprised that I feel completely comfortable with it. Sadly, the more I invest my time in this, the more I find it a little bit more difficult in expressing my ideas in Vietnamese.

There was a time when I tried to quit English for while in order to let myself completely immerge in Vietnamese. Then I saw a little bit of progress, but along with that was my English which seemed to be weakened. From that on, I have been managing to balance the two languages in my life. I’m doing this as an adjustment after a wrong experiment, despite the fact that my Vietnamese still sucks and my English will never be as good as native people. That’s just really sad.

Anyways, putting that aside, now I’m just focusing on what I love to do: Reading and Writing. This Medium app is such a great tool for that. I will try to write some every week about my daily life as an ugly girl trying to survive in a society with all the fixed beauty perceptions, a daughter living with conservative parents, a college student with all the pressures of schooling, a person with almost no money having a plan of traveling around the world, a struggling-to-be polygot,…

I have already had so many ideas for this. So excited!