JSON API By Example

For the past six weeks or so I have been learning Ember.js, a JavaScript framework frequently described as the “Rails of JavaScript”, which I deem an accurate moniker. Ember is a JavaScript framework that concedes Rails’ omakase mantra of “convention over configuration”.

If I have one nit to pick it is that the ember guides only tell you half of
the story, but I cannot fault the ember.js team for this. Ember.js can work with any back-end language, so how would the team choose a back-end language for their tutorial? The current tutorial uses ember-cli-mirage to mock an API, so you are left to discover how to correctly pair ember.js with a true API. I struggled with this immensely.

Enter JSON API By Example by Adolfo Builes:

If only I had discovered this book earlier! This book walks you through building a rails api that follows the JSON API specification (which ember expects by default) using the jsonapi-resources gem (you can read their documentation here). It’s a short book, but I think it is well worth the sixteen dollars to get you up and running. Especially because it works along side ember 101:

the free counterpart that walks you through building an ember app to consume the API. ember 101 is a little more scatterbrained and is not fully up to date at the moment, but I still think it is worth the read.

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