Rails Console Without Leaving Vim

Some time ago, I grew weary of being forced to exit vim when needing to poke around in the rails console. Thanks to the following vim plugins (and
tmux) this problem was duck soup:

(Allows you to dispatch the rails console command to a tmux split)

(Used to jump back and forth between vim and tmux)

With these plugins installed, one can simply run :Dispatch rails console to
open the rails console beneath vim in a tmux split.

Note: If you are not in a tmux session while running this command it will
hide vim and display the rails console as if you ran a bang command, i.e.
!rails console.

vim-dispatch rails console in tmux<br>split

Also to make it even more convenient, you can always set up a quick leader key to boot:

nnoremap <leader>rc :Dispatch rails console<cr>
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