Knowing things I don’t feel right is a way to follow what I feel right

As a young graduate and an ambitious mind, I have always seek for challenges which can train me into stronger and tougher. I have never thought of work to earn. I just addict with the thought of finding a job I found difficult, then I can pour my whole heart into it.

I was working as a Community Engagement Executive while I was studying. It was a good job where I could connect people and gather them under the same interest and believes. Everyday I was eager to tell people stories. Then one day, I feel I explored it, I could not learn anymore. I was confused what I should do next. I did not know anything. But there is the only thing I was sure was that I don’t feel right being in this job anymore. Maybe because of the work, the people I work with. But for sure it was not the work I wake up everyday and strive for. Then I quit.

The decision came out my month. I was officially jobless. I thought it would be alright, but it wouldn’t. I felt useless when knowing no where to go, nothing to do next. I was confused and trapped into my negativeness.

After seeking around, I found another job. I thought it was awesome because it may enable me to step into business world with the CEO I asisst. But finally it turns out not. The job was boring, the CEO was bossy. There is no respect and gratefulness from the boss. Words scolded out so easy, work blamed so inconsiderately. The first time ever I felt so down in the environment. I realized that I could only be buried here. I defenitely didn’t belong to this company. Then I quit. Once again, I received odium from the boss. But I stop caring anymore. the only way to move forward is to let other people’s voice outside of my ears. At least, I as brave enough to quit.

I know a French Geek Women, the only old person I feel good being with. She and I started a project of building an impact innovators community and media. This is the only project I have never doubted about striving for it, with that person, the one I feel cheerful talking with or asking for advise. I know it is right for me. And this road is what I was born to take.

After all this, I dared to quit what I don’t feel right, I dared to change my stable financial ability, I dared to follow what I feel right although it’s stil vague. I know it may be hard, it may be hurt. But it is the way I choose to live my life. Therefore, knowing things I don’t feel right is a way to follow what I feel right.

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