A Letter from the Director — BostonHacks Fall 2015

Downtown Boston. For the out-of-towners — this is actually the view from an on-campus dorm!

Hello from Boston University! We’re hard at work planning this year’s edition of BostonHacks, and we couldn’t be more excited for our first annual MLH hackathon!

In the last few days, the organizing team was made aware of some circumstances that are out of our control by school administration. We’re really, really sorry that some of you will be affected by these occurrences and appreciate your understanding.

  1. No minors will be allowed to attend, except for BU students.

We are extremely disappointed that we won’t be able admit minors to this year’s event. It was previously indicated that minors would likely be able to participate by our contacts in administration, and we were not made aware of their final decision until last Wednesday, October 14th. This policy applies to everyone under age 18, even if you are a university student. If you are a minor and have confirmed your spot, you will receive an email later today and your status has been changed in the portal at my.bostonhacks.io to “Declined.”

If you are under 18, confirmed and already bought your tickets, reach out to us. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to help financially but we’ll try our best.

We’re really sorry that this is the case — in the case that administration changes their stance for next year’s event, or if you will be 18 by next year’s event, you will be offered priority admission and travel reimbursement. We will also be sending stickers to everyone affected.

2. We will not be running buses to Purdue, UIUC or Springfield, MA.

Due to some struggles with BU risk management and the fact that the trip would take 18+ hours each way, we will not be sending a bus to Purdue/UIUC as we indicated on the confirmation form. Instead, we will be reimbursing up to $225 for air travel from Purdue/UIUC and up to $50 for bus travel from Springfield/South Hadley, MA. We hope this doesn’t affect your decision to attend.

Again, we appreciate your understanding and want to thank everyone for your interest in BostonHacks. We find it remarkable that hundreds of people want to spend their halloween with us building things, and we’re doing our best to put on the best experience possible for our attendees. Looking forward to the 31st!

Questions and concerns can be sent to contact@bostonhacks.io.