Promising the Earth: No Man’s Sky
Paul Kilduff-Taylor

This seems like an exceedingly diplomatic article about the situation HG have found themselves in. Personally, I wouldn’t have such a problem with what they showed in the E3 demo and what the game is now IF:

  1. They had communicated effectively what they currently had in-game and what features were realistic. Right up until APRIL (4 months ago) they were talking about features that have been cut. The IGN demo around that time itself looks nothing like the current game. If they can’t say outright that it’s not making it into the final game, then SHUT UP ABOUT IT. The continual hyping by talking about features that weren’t even shown in any of these demos and finally even removing features already shown shows incredible lack of foresight.
  2. They wouldn’t use the E3 demo footage to sell the game AT THIS VERY MOMENT. The steam page trailer STILL shows the E3 demo footage which is in every sense of the word A LIE. They’re literally selling the game using footage that’s not of the actual game. EVEN THE SCREENSHOTS are BULLSHOTS. Other games use CG trailers on their steam pages but they are usually supplanted by actual in-game footage or reasonably accurate screenshots. NMS doesn’t have either making them complicit in selling a fake game to consumers. How are people expected to have reasonable expectations when they’re not giving us these reasonable expectations and instead STILL trying to hype the game?
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