Google Search — Reunion

Once upon a time , there were two childhood friends Baldev and Yosuf in Lahore who loved the companionship of each other and they would spend their time flying kites, stealing sweets and eating them . Every day ,they would have something new to discuss as they were flying kites .This was a childhood friendship to last for decades together or so they thought . Then one day due to the partition of India and Pakistan , Baldev had to migrate to India while the one had to stay in Lahore. Since both of them were now in virtually different countries and also because of the lack of connectivity in the olden days , they subsequently lost touch. Months became years and years became decades . Until one fine day when the kid Baldev who had migrated to India tells the story of his childhood friend to his grand-daughter . The grand-daughter who is very much a product of this generation decides to take it upon herself to connect the long-lost friends together through the Google Search Engine . The incidents leading up to the meeting strikes a chord and it is immaculately directed with the music playing a pivotal role in the advertisement . Baldev’s grand-daughter does her research on the Internet and connects with Yosuf . Yosuf’s grandson does his part as well by booking the flights tickets and helping Yosuf meet his long-lost friend Baldev . The advertisement builds up to an exciting climax where on his birthday , Baldev opens the door of his house to find his long-lost friend Yosuf . The commercial ends with the Baldev and Yosuf now Septuagenarians raising their hands and reminiscing their childhood days

The commercial struck a chord with me because of the endless possibilities of technology and how with the Google Search Engine , any problem can be solved . The advertisement was beautifully scripted , directed and acted and goes on to show that Technology when used perfectly can bring about a smile on people’s faces .

The campaign was a hugely successful one receiving around 13 Lakh Views on Youtube and reinforces the Importance of Google in all our lives . I loved the campaign and I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to watch it .