Liberation Conversation: Meaningful Black Manhood in an Object Permanence Society
Àdisà Àjàmú

I just have to say, your essay “Liberation Conversation: Meaningful Black Manhood in an Object Permanence Society” spoke to so many things. Most notable is “the work of becoming yourself.” At first glance, I focused on the fact that you are a man becoming himself just because I have so few men in my life who appear to be on the path of self development. The more I read though, I could see that your work provides a bit of a map for internal questioning for man, woman, black, white, rich, poor . . . for us all.

As a woman, I have had to deal with and recognize the challenges of my partner but more importantly not let his challenges interfere with me addressing my own. It is extremely difficult to do that, particularly when his behaviors can be energetically obstructive. Nonetheless, the work of becoming self must go on. I thank you for your time and energy and your outlook on sharing truth.

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