The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

This is bull crap! From the start they all hated him because he won over the crook and liar! Yet nobody said she was unfit. You jumped on her bandwagon, and was just piss off she lost! Stop with all the garbage that he has to make friend with the intel people. How do you make friends when they are trying to destroy him from the get go because he won. They are trying to keep their tight nit community of doing nothing for us the American people, while they make agendas to line their pockets with gold. They hate him because he may upset their little ATM’s and are doing everything to stop him. So stop trying to tell us he’s not good. What you should be writing about is the lying corrupt democrats that are trying to tell us how we should live! Spending our tax dollars for programs that gives money to illegals so they don’t have to do anything but vote for them. Giving them health care that nobody can afford unless it’s free! You are one of the problems with all this crap you write about. Instead of writing about the corruption in America politics you write about Mr. Trump not being able to succeed with all the leaks and bull crap he has to deal with! Last I checked these are felonies that are being leaked to you mindless reporters! Yet instead of trying to find out the traitors, you try to tell us what wrong with the president! Shame on you!!

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