The Future Tense is Dangerous

The future tense is dangerous. It makes one procrastinate. It makes one delay things that could be done now. But what’s the most-scary part is that it makes the dreams stay in the future.

How many times have you heard “one day”, “later”, “when children grow up”? One day? Which day?

Later, we look back and realize that our whole life was a bug and empty waiting room. We waited for the right moment and it never came. We waited for perfect circumstances and they never occurred.

So do we want to end up with regrets? Do we want to keep thinking “what if?” because we never got the time to go ahead and do the things we wanted? Why not try now?

Stop making up excuses. Stop telling yourself the wrong stories. There will never be the perfect moment. Or maybe there was but it is already in the past. The next perfect moment is right now.

Go ahead and chase your dream. Go ahead and do what you’ve always wanted to do. 
Don’t wait. Don’t look around and think that it’s ok because other’s don’t do much either.

Make the first step and start moving. Get closer to where you’d like to be. Do your best and go forward. One step at a time…

Don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait for approval. Don’t wait for people to understand you. You don’t have to justify your actions. You don’t need to explain why are you doing what you are doing.

No one is responsible for your life and where you will be at the end of your life but you. When you will look back and see that you ended up somewhere you didn’t want to be there will be no one to blame; not your children, not your job, not the society… it will be no one’s fault but yours.

So think about that. Think about the future tense and decide if you’d like to use it that often. Decide if you’d like all your goals, dreams and hopes stay in the future or not…