Very inspiring Ania, but I wonder how well all these creative ways of sharing findings fit in a…
Olga Fernandez

Hi Olga. Great question! Thanks for reading.
It’s definitely easy to get into the habit of “minimal reporting” and delivering insights that are concise and help your team make fast decisions. It’s not a bad thing either — it’s often the most practical approach to get us from A to B. What I think is important to consider is how do we make a lasting impact with our research. As a researcher you might be focusing on short term goals (e.g. deliver insights for your next project), but it’s also important to consider the medium and long term goals at the same time. Perhaps you want to build empathy in your organization for the painpoints your users consistently experience? Maybe you want to build awareness of your different user groups/personas? Communicate the appreciation your users have for your product (and vice versa)? Try a new research method, and report back on how it went? Or simply show the benefits of getting non-researchers involved in research, to encourage and inspire others to do the same?

Even when working at a fast pace, it’s worth looking at your work from a strategic lens, and thinking about creative approaches to communicating your research to engage the rest of the organization, not just in terms of your day-to-day work, but also over time. Plus if you try a novel approach, you’ll likely get peoples attention :)

I hope that helps!