Nice article, got some info …however, I was wondering what are the best ways to recruit a small of…
Rizwana Rajgara

Hi Rizwana! Thanks for reading! Great question. Recruiting when you aren’t in a position to offer generous incentives can be tricky. If the target users of your app are people you know, word of mouth recruiting can go a long way — you’d be surprised how willing people from your own network can be in offering up their time to help with some research. Just be sure to clearly state expectations upfront (length, purpose, what the activity involves).

If you don’t have easy access to the target users — try to identify people who may loosely fit the profile you are looking for (either through your network, or notice board listenings, for example.)

Steve Krug has a great quote on recruiting in his book “Don’t Make Me Think!”, and it goes:

The importance of recruiting representative users is overrated. It’s good to do your testing with people who are like the people who will use your site, but it’s much more important to test early and often. My motto — as you’ll see — is “Recruit loosely, and grade on a curve.”

Try to recruit people who match your target users in some way, but don’t create recruitment criteria that will make it difficult for you to find participants. Remember that your project is a great learning opportunity, and learning to target the right people now will help you later on in your career, too.

Hope that helps :)