How love f*cked my career
Tiffany Sun

Thank you for sharing this. It’s powerful and real, as well as, inspiring. When the right partner comes along, you won’t have to give yourself or your dreams up. He will embrace your love & your career. I’ve learned one thing, seriously, what doesn’t kill you, surely makes you stronger. It’s very clear to me that your path lead you down and through, some very difficult and heartbreaking times(trust me I’m no stranger to them either), but the you that emerged is stronger, wiser, more intuitive, and so much more. People come to us for many reasons, not everyone is a lifer…but they are all teachers in their own right.

Who knows what you’d be doing had you not made the decision to go to China…

The you that emerged would have been different. Not saying better or worst…just different and on a different path.

The path you chose brought you here…and gave you and audience and the world’s listening ear.

I’m new here…just introduced this week. Thank you again, it was an honor to read your work.

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