SOSmart: Automatic auto accident detection using your smartphone. Ecall for the world.

SOSmart app automatically detects an impact caused by a severe car crash using the internal sensors and sends the location to emergency contacts in a matter of seconds. It has monitored over 400.000 trips and notified over 300 accidents to emergency contacts.

According to European Commission Ecall system “reduces rescue services’ reaction time to 50% in rural and 60% in built-up areas” but they have been implementing it on Europe for about a decade and it´ll probably take another decade until it´s fully implemented. That is why a group of engineers based in Santiago, Chile created “SOSmart” using real car crash data obtained from the NHTSA. This app is capable of automatically detecting the impact of a severe motor vehicle accident, using only the internal sensors of a smartphone and complex detection algorithms. Only seconds after the crash, the app sends a notification with the location of the victim to the emergency contacts that they had previously selected, such as their parent or partner. This allows their family members to contact emergency services immediately, possibly saving lives and granting their families peace. This way Ecall is now a click away to everyone with an Android or iPhone having the potential so save thousands of lives.

How do you use it, then? Easy, simply download the app, select your emergency contacts, make sure they also have the app installed so that they may receive your emergencies, and SOSmart will operate in your phone’s background only when you are in a moving vehicle, so as to drain your battery the least possible.

“SOSmart” also foresees other situations such as robberies, fires and any other type of medical emergency. For this type of situations “SOSmart” has an panic button, which when pressed will record a audio shortly, get your location through GPS and send the emergency contacts a notification with this information, potentially saving you in the case of an emergency.

Can you imagine being in an unfamiliar city and having a medical emergency? where do you go? “SOSmart” can help you; Another innovational feature, which aligns with the objective of reducing the time in which an accident victim is treated, is a list of nearby hospitals. This feature works in any place in the world with an internet connection and shows you the shortest route to a hospital.

The application is free and is available for Android and Iphone. The objective is to reduce the reaction time in emergency cases. “It is estimated that 1 in every 3 deaths caused by accidents could have been avoided if they had been notified immediately to an emergency service”, explains one of the creators , Anibal Madrid.

Cristian Plaza, one of the users of the app, experienced the capacity of the app to quickly notify. He was driving his car in Quilpué, an isolated locality in Chile, when a car that was in front of him braked abruptly, which caused a rear-end collision. Soon enough, and thanks to the emergency notifications, Cristian received a call from his boss and a family member asking him how he was and if he needed help.

“The system worked perfectly, in a matter of seconds my boss was calling to go help me. He was one of the contacts that I had selected to receive these messages”, affirmed Plaza, satisfied with the system.

The Chilean Startup is in the process of linking the system to emergency services such as firefighters, public safety and ambulance services at global level. Currently it is supported by CORFO(Chile’s production development corporation), Facebook and Google to promote its growth. This startup promises to change the world, you can follow them on facebook to find out about the new products that they are developing.


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SOSmart F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

How does the app detect crashes?

During a severe crash all the objects and people inside the car experience a very abrupt change in their speed, experiencing accelerations of big magnitudes reaching up to 200 times the acceleration of gravity. Smartphones today have a sensor called accelerometer, which measures accelerations that affect our cell phone. Using the measurements obtained from this sensor and our algorithm ,developed with real data from accidents, we can detect if the profile of the accelerations matches that of an accident and send emergency messages automatically.

If I drop my phone, will it activate the emergency notifications?

No, when a phone drops from a normal height onto the floor it does not exceed more than 2 or 3 times the acceleration of gravity, whereas during a severe accident it easily exceeds 100 times the acceleration of gravity. If the cellphone happens to fall from a sixth floor or higher, in spite of the similarity between the acceleration profiles, the algorithm uses GPS’s information to know if you had been driving recently, and thus won’t activate either.

What happens if my contacts do not have SOSmart installed?

Android: SOSmart will automatically send an SMS to your emergency contacts with a link to your location. Even if they don’t have SOSmart installed, they will receive the location of the accident. It is still better to have the app installed, since it will activate an alarm which will notify your contacts more effectively.

IOS: SOSmart cannot receive the emergency notification if it’s not installed in the contact’s phone. It is also unable to send an SMS without the user’s authorization, because of limitations imposed by Apple Corporation. Because of this your contacts MUST have SOSmart installed.

If I kill the app in my iOS device, will it not work until I open it again?

No, killing an app only sends SOSmart to sleep. SOSmart has been programmed so that the operating system of your device activates the application when it’s necessary. This way when you are driving SOSmart will be activated by the system so it works again.

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 Anibal Madrid
 +569 51372463

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