Importance Of Knowledge Retention

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It was sometime in 1885 when German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus showed mathematical representation of the exponential rate at which we lose a memory “if no attempt is made to retain it”. Nearly 70% of a memory is lost within the first 24 hours. While this principle has been known for over a century, the actual practices and attempts at retaining information are outdated in many arenas of life; from K-12 school to corporate and employee training.

As a senior member of few big organizations I’ve worked with in India, my experiences are mostly same, when it comes to employee training. The training is either provided in an offsite over a weekend, or on a regular basis inside office premises. Unfortunately, several employees find training fairly tedious and uninspiring. Sometimes this will be down to the teaching method itself or the person leading the program. However, it can also be caused by the subject matter, which could be quite irrelevant or not connected to the individual’s job role. Consequently, workers aren’t prepared to learn new knowledge or skills in the first place, let alone retain and apply this information when back at work.

If planned and carried out correctly, corporate training can have incredibly far reaching rewards and merits. From increasing employee adeptness and proficiency to improving bottom line performance and sales, teaching your workforce new skills and changing their behavior will undoubtedly bring about more success for both individuals and entire enterprises.

Here comes — a platform that allows organizations to host all their training videos (well, not only videos, it works for all other digital formats) on a secured cloud. They get a secured website where videos and other learning materials are not only stored, but also gives right kind of access to the employees. The mobile-first design gives the advantage of mobile-learning.

Digital training is ideal because it is available 24/7; employees can learn, practice and review at their leisure. Offsetting Mr. Herman Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve should be the primary focus of any type of training system. How we train, how we follow up training, and then how often we revisit and refresh our skills are the keys to maximizing long term retention with our employee training methods.