Ux songs

And 5 lessons to learn from them.

Arcade Fire’s song perfectly defines the users ability to adapt to new technologies, and the great impatience of the digital era.

What we were able to forgive, like waiting for dial-up modems in the 90’s is now a basic requirement.

Now it seems strange
 How we used to wait for letters to arrive
We used to wait
 We used to waste hours just walking around

This song is about a user’s pain

What would I have done without the Internet?
 How do you convert PDF to JPG?
 I don’t know!

This song is all about miscommunication, and it happens via the telephone.

miscommunication with the user is a big problem, and its much better to try to explain some of your features then to confuse the user.

I recommend hearing the song until its end..

Stromea makes a very good allegory of twitter’s likes and love. mashed up with the tragic opera — Carmen, it stands as a warning of the addictive uses of social and gamification products.

Love is like Twitter
 You’re only a novice at it only for 48 hours
 First you sign up, and afterwards you follow
 You lose your mind with it and then you end up alone

Although Stevie is talking about racism, I attached this song because false notion, and arrogance makes us believe we know whats best for the user.

Designing without grounded data or user input is like superstition:

When you believe in things you don’t understand,
 Then you suffer,
 Superstition ain’t the way, yeh, yeh.

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Originally published in hebrew @ www.aniboaz.co.il on April 4, 2016.