The Pursuit of Happiness

Today, I took my favorite cookbook from the blue shelf in my bright and sunny living room — and found a perfect recipe for the Sunday lunch. It was a dish with lemons. Fresh, yellow, with the lovely citrus scent.

I have a thing for lemons. They remind me of the couple of things I enjoy the most in this world. They’re yellow like the sun and they are grown in warm parts of the world. I imagine them growing on a beautiful rock just above Greek seaside. Preferably Skiathos. I also have a thing for Greek seaside. I think the most genuine feeling of the summer can be found right there. Mediterranean food, sand, olives, white houses, Greek people. Little peace of heaven on earth.

The cookbook I mentioned above is called “Mediterranean — Food of the Sun”. I don’t always have time to try these recipes and rarely is there an occasion for it. But today, I was cooking for my favorite two people in the world.

I went for a pretty simple recipe — baked chicken with lemons and olives, traditionally made somewhere in Northern Africa. While preparing it i had a long talk with my mom. I was chopping onions and boiling broth while having telephone between my ear and my shoulder. Forty minutes in this position and my neck started to ache, but didn’t really matter. I’m so grateful to be able to have those long talks with my mom. Love being the one who’s able hear her saying that “a girl should always have a hard crust of bread in her mouth”, even though I’ve heard her saying it a thousand times before.

I’ve got a fresh flower bouquet that my boyfriend bought from an old lady on the street. She’s earning her money that way. We always buy flowers from them and not from the flower shops.

After our Mediterranean lunch, we were listening to jazz and having coffee on the terrace. It was chilly like the mornings on the mountain.

And there I had it. A perfect day, with a seaside and a mountain in it, my family and good food and music and old and new.

Nothing fancy, nothing far away, it was us on an ordinary October Sunday.

And I felt blessed. I felt like I’m the happiest girl ever.

I’m sure luck isn’t in the big things we imagine will make us happy. It’s not the far destinations, luxury clothes, cars, prominent job positions. It’s just around the corner, on a lazy Sunday with your family.

Make sure you allow yourself to see it.

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