The leadership South Africa needs is you 🇿🇦

Hey South Africa,

Quit your bitching. Pravin is right. #mobilise

There’s a lot you can do but it requires doing.

You don’t like what’s happening in the country? The ANC, a colossus of principle, struggle and successful peaceful and disciplined action has together with their Congress partners endowed a free South Africa with the blueprint for resistance.

In all the probable outcomes in the quantum universe there is one where this generation builds on the legacy of the anti-apartheid movement and continues to advance the cause of our common humanity.

Zuma is not a race issue, it’s a corruption and incompetence issue. Just like Trump. It’s not their fault. It’s their nature and Big Capital that stand to benefit from having useful fools to manipulate are the real enemy. In this Zuma is no different to a Botha or a Trump.

We know how to take down that enemy. We know how to do it with dignity, we know how to do it peacefully and we know how to do it inclusively.
We know this because the legacy of one of the world’s greatest liberation movements, Congress, is something that belongs to all South Africans and we should use that legacy now to fight as a citizenry against a common injustice.

We should not see the Mass Democratic Movement of the 80’s as an “ANC” thing, it was a South African thing, across all the spectrum of our society.

Let us all lay claim to that legacy, learn from it and iterate it to our common cause now. Let’s not humiliate people before we offer our help.

Are my generation that grew up on Congress ideals embarrassed and humiliated at the State we find the country in. Yes.

But using it to divide us now to score cheap points is petty and small minded. We need to come together in a new Mass Democratic Movement and those in the ANC who still believe in the ideals of Congress should be encouraged and supported in coming together to deal with this as a common issue.

And it can’t be labour unions and NGO’s and political parties this time around. It has to be you! Every South African citizen who wants a better future for all, not better bullshit for some.

And has to be citizens who are economically valuable. In the apartheid era unions and the poor could move markets because it was their labour that made the cash flow from the mines and the farms and the factories.

And cutting off the cash flow is what starves the beast. 
Today it is your consumption that makes the cash flow, not the people’s labour.

Instead of griping at the coffeeshop or over the braai do something. Come together in a mass democratic movement. Starve the state of the right kind of tax revenue. Your spending.

Boycott the beneficiaries of state capture.*

Stop buying imported cars and expensive investment apartments to keep up with the Joneses and starve the beast of import duties and luxury taxes.

Stop buying your cappuccinos**, stop inviting your family and friends from overseas to visit, stop using services from entities that support this system. It’s hard. These are our friends, family, colleagues. Some of them are us. We just didn’t realize how the game was being played but now we are sucked in and complicit.

Don’t leave this to the “masses” or the poor or the marginalized.

They have nothing to give up but their health, food and data***

You on the other hand have lots you can do, and you don’t need to do it forever. Just long enough to make the point.

The liberated South Africa was created by the disposessed and the marginalised. The enduring South Africa must be created by the “active” class, not the middle class.

I mean what did you think? That you had successfully outsourced the revolution and now you can pat your self on the back for a job well done?

The job is just beginning and it is now the job of all South African’s to come together irrespective of historical legacies to fight a common enemy. A cancer that prevents us from being a great nation and a great people.

It’s easier than we think and ordinary South Africans have already show us the way. The Joes and Walters and Kathys and Nelsons and Mollys and Govans. The Olivers, Lennys, the Griffiths, the Pravins,the Jonas’.

So stop your bitching and own your legacy and your freedoms. Show up, vote your consumption, respect the person who sees the same future as you want irrespective of race, religion or circumstance and join in to solve the problem.

There is no car guard that is going to watch over this one for you.

The South African liberation struggle is one of the most principled struggles for human dignity in world history and we are still young enough as a nation to remember those days.

We acted as a beacon to the world for the cause of human freedom. We demonstrated a better path — of peace, dignity and principled integrity.

Today the world needs our example again in the cause of our common human dignity and rights in a world increasingly dominated by the self interested.

Don’t let the sacrifices of previous generations be wasted. If there is one country in the world that can be that beacon again it is South Africa because of the endowment of our elders.

We need to stop seeing that endowment through a party political or race or any filter on us as South Africans. It is our common asset. Looking at the diversity of society present at Kathrada’s funeral I was struck by how many people commented on what a “rainbow” people we are. The outpouring of nostalgia almost for the “struggle years” when we were all united in a common cause.

Many hate the rainbow myth but it almost seems that the rainbow people forgot they were a rainbow. We have been seeing just the colours for so long.

The nostalgia also told me that there are many of us who remember. There are many of us who know what to do. How to organise, concientise and mobilise our communities to action. How to support those that do.

We need a new Mass Democratic Movement tuned for the realities of today. But many of our elders today can’t see that in the age of digital they can lend their skills, wisdom and experience to the betterment of South Africa by simply being active. We should encourage them to do so.

We will see many of our elders reach back to those skills and begin to put them in service to change in this country. They deserve our active support not just social media salve.

And our elders are not just people who use to be leaders of the struggle back in the old days. It is all of us who lived through that struggle and learned from it. Benefited from it.

This time it’s on you. What kind of future do you want?


*Hey Silicon Cape or whatever feel good tech activism there is out there around the country — get real, create databases and tools of digital activism that expose and empower this. More likely it will be some kid in Grassy Park and hipsters will issue press releases about how they helped the revolution because the kid once lost his latte virginity in a co-working space (when big tech was having a hackathon)

** and it is inhumane to ask them to give up data, we are not animals for gods sake. You don’t have to give up consumption benefiting state capture entities forever, just long enough to make the point and that may be quicker than we might assume. And yes, data must fucking fall

*** effecting change is inconvenient. You have to do something not just press like, retweet or forward.