Why Jeopardy will be the longest running game show ever.

The best game show out there.

Jeopardy has a lot going for it to be the longest running game show of all time. A solid cultural awareness. A loyal following. A trusted and charming host. Along with the most efficient TV show of all time. It isn’t lacking much.

Led by long time host Alex Trebek, the show in its current form debuted in 1984 the show has enjoyed tremendous and sustained success. The form of the show is what I think makes the show so successful. Pay attention next time you happen up on Jeopardy. The questions are quick, the answers are quicker. The pace of the show is extremely fast, yet somehow it finds time to introduce the contestants and have a few jokes along the way.

Unlike many Game Shows, Jeopardy is respected by the intellectuals. The contestants are smart knowing anything from Sports trivia to recent Scientific Discoveries. Jeopardy’s appeal is so large because of this. If you are watching and even can answer a couple of questions through an entire game you feel pretty good. It is extremely engaging for a show with live contestants. You are free to compete with all the other contestants and your family and friends watching with you.

Trebek is signed on to host Jeopardy until 2022 but I don’t think the show will stop there. A new host might actually breath life into the show somewhat even though Trebek might be the hardest host to ever replace. The reason I think it will continue is the solid following Jeopardy has. There would be riots in the streets from some of the most loyal fans of Jeopardy if they canceled it. Although it might not be ideal, that loyalty will carry Jeopardy into the next 20 years and long after Trebek.

The final thing that will help keep Jeopardy is something that the show is already doing. Branching to streaming services. Talk about binge watching! The show just added two tournament specials to Netflix in the last month.

Without commercials on Netflix the show is so condensed that you really feel like you are getting the most out of your watching time. It was so easy to watch 3–4 episodes in one sitting. You start to cheer for your favorite contestant and compete against them yourself, plus it makes me feel like I am learning stuff even though I probably am not retaining much.

If you are a young person who thinks Jeopardy is for retirement homes and your Great Aunt, give it a chance. Watch an episode and odds are you will get a clues that you may be able to answer. Then I suggest ridding that feeling, keep it going. Why not? It’s educational and maybe someday you could win some money from it.