That assurance to my soul
Like sweet sprinkles on a roll
Tidied like verdana on a scroll
Served altogether in a bowl

The oracles pondered
Why yet the utterings,they lingered
They listened, they listened
But quietness, all they heard.

Its a blessed quietness
For assurance to the soul
For seeing the seas are stormy
Its a blessed quietness

Deep breaths and rumpled skins
Scars and bemangled grins
Never made it to hope’s fortress
They wangled along but fell without trace

They knew the corner where destiny waited
Oh they yearned to be what they wanted to be
But they betrayed destiny,for mother’s wish
Betrayed destiny,for father’s wish

Blessed assurance,blessed assurance
Destiny,yet, isnt betrayed
He waits, waits at that corner
For you who would find your way after mother’s wish

Oh time, let there be redemption
For they who still hope
To find at that corner,destiny,waiting
After that they had lingered, tossed to and fro

But now I sit and stare
At this quietness,this blessed quietness
Served like verdana in romania
I sit still, still and stare

My time is upon me
And I hope,I pray I reach hope’s fortress
Then there shall be made,the utterings
Like prayer to burnt offerings

Blessed quietness, redeeming quietness
Giving assurance to my soul’s dizzyness
On the stormy waters Jesus speaks to me
And all the troubles cease to be

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