Thin Things, Robbers and Irrelevant Opportunities.

I have become very dispassionate lately. I just got tired. I could no longer condone the low standards that plague the society we live in and the mediocrity that lurks around at every turn.

I had been on an exploration for about three months and after that, found my way back to where I started. Those three months changed a lot for me. It wasn’t that I found myself in a better place, I just had to face greater challenges. I have met a lot of people and had to deal with situations that have shaped my thinking.

In the end, I am resolved to become even more stubborn and more dispassionate. I will keep things as short and simple as possible with the hope that we can learn and help each other grow to become the person we hope to become. Below are the things I have to share;

1.The Thick of Thin Things;
As Jim Rohn puts it, “A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.” Benjamin Hardy puts it in an even better way-“most people are caught in the thick of thin things.”

When you begin to feel that you are a demi-god because you have been solving a certain problem for many years, your fall is imminent. You may just be a major in minor things. Its worse if you begin to think no one can be better than you.

You are stuck in your little wonderland where you know everything, where every other person is a threat. Things change and it might become very hard for you to save yourself when someone or something finally bursts your bubble. So do not treat people like they need to worship you before things get done. You are simply growing into your doom. If you remain a kingpin in your domain for too long, check well, so you don’t end up a big fish in a small pond.

I discovered that most people who fall into this category have not increased in knowledge for some years and yet feel like they carry the scrolls on which the rules are written. There is need for repentance.

2.Time Robbers:
They slow down everything. They don’t value their time, so yours is not important too. I recently had to attend an event I was invited for over the weekend. In Nigeria, we are already used to lateness so its not surprising when an event meant for 9am starts by 10.30.

What was entirely unforgivable was the lack of urgency with which every thing was done afterwards. It took more than an hour of irrelevant stories after it actually started to get to hear about the real reason why we gathered. We need to handle people’s time with care.

And I have learnt anyway to screen all my daily activities. I only have to focus on what is relevant, what is very high quality. Time is precious. Very precious. To meddle with other people’s time is to commit a crime against nature and humanity.

3.The Great but Irrelevant Opportunities;
You start a journey with some folks and then after hours, days, months and even years of work, you discover you should have let go earlier. There are causes that are worth it, wether they work or not, especially if there is something to learn.

But its really painful to watch your energy, time and resources go down the drain. I was blessed to stumble on one of Reno Omokri’s nuggets. He said that it is better to be at the bottom of the ladder you are supposed to climb than to be at the top of a ladder you are not supposed to climb. Very true. One day, you will come down and start looking for the right ladder. For some, its always late, very late.

It becomes our responsibility to define our objectives in life, have a clear thinking and plan towards the achievement of these objectives so that we can sense distractions when they come around. I have been a victim on so many occasions. This is one thing I have become extremely dispassionate about. What I would rather do, if your course is not one I can connect with, is render very specific help.

You tell me what I can do, I evaluate it and give you feedback. If I can help, I do so and move on. If I can’t, I explain to you politely and get on with my life.

This is not about perfection, its about finding consistency in our daily activities so that we get as close as possible to our goals. Our choices have to become high quality. Even the services you render to people high quality, no matter how small or irrelevant the service may seem. How you do one small thing is how you would do other things. There is need to weed out the low quality stuff and fill our lives with the core essentials. A few core essentials. When we are able to make a headway in these few things, then our life as a whole will have direction.

I am still learning and still adapting. But it sure pays to be dispassionate, especially in the society where we find ourselves. I believe that we would grow into great people with great achievements. See you at the top.