Plugging the Skill Gap in Nigeria’s Technology Ecosystem

A lot has been said about the scarcity of high-quality, skilled developers in Nigeria, despite the fact that we obviously have a very large, very intelligent, very hard-working, ‘very English-speaking’ population.

That our education system is broken is not even news. That no administration in the last 30 to 40 years of our country’s existence has had the balls to declare a state of emergency on our education system, just portrays how daft, clueless, unwilling, incompetent (and possibly all of the above) - some (if not all) of our leaders are.

Thank God for visionaries like Iyin who are doing the best they possibly can, to fix 2 of the biggest problems aspiring Nigerian software developers face — getting trained and getting paid. Not only will I applaud, adore and support people like Iyin, I will join them.

Today, I am devoting 1 hour a week of my spare time, alongside 58 other volunteer mentors who have indicated their desire to do so as well, to bridge the skill gap that is evidently hindering Nigeria’s technology ecosystem from reaching and exceeding its full potential.

Willing & Motivated Learners + Experienced Volunteer Mentors = High-Quality Skilled Developers

If you’d still like to join the movement, head over to

On a different but related note, I will also make good a promise I hinted of in January (when 1 USD still exchanged for roughly 200 NGN), to help 10* Nigerian developers become #WorldClass by earning an Udacity Nanodegree, no strings attached, but terms and conditions apply.

Happy Independence Day!

*I’ll start by supporting 4 developers aspiring to become #WorldClass.

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