One thing I’ve learnt so far is "to live your truth, start by being honest with yourself." What does it mean to live your truth and to be honest with yourself?

Living your life, chosing and doing things you want and interest you and not others views, to gladly live knowing what you are doing is what you want and not what they want and finding peace without lies with your inner self with no justification of reason is what it means To live the truth. While, seeing the authenticity and truth enclosed in your self is the process of being honest with yourself. It’s a means of separating your thought from personal narration of yourself and the understanding and honesty of your everyday practice. In a word, to live your truth by being honest means self honesty, which also means being entirely honest with yourself.

Sincerely, no one knows all or can be completely honest with their self, we all are dishonest with ourselves, deprived our want doing another because of the fear and aftermath of the world with those watching us. We then tend to pretend, faking to love things we most likely despise, faking relationship we knew was long time dead and some other faked living with an excuse of biding the popular rules and anthem of "fake it till you make it".

Furthermore, express who you are rather than impressing others. Like Parkham Beatty once said "By your own soul, learn to live and if men thwart you take no heed. If men hate you have no care, sing your sing, dream your dream, hope your hope and pray your prayer". Be who you are and say what you feel, because to believe in something and not live it, is dishonest. Just like one of my lecturer would say and I quote "Don’t follow the multitude to do evil". Evil, doesn’t only mean the definition we all give it, depriving yourself your doing and being different in thought and ideas is an act of evil to hurting yourself. It’s like you knowing left has your answer or choice, but going right because it’s the world choice and has the highest populace.

In addition, one thing we should all learn is the joy and peace that comes from being honest with ourself even when the world seems sad or has its back to us. We should know there is a consequence for being right as well as being wrong. But benefit that dwell in been right suppress the aftermath. We will lose friends and family who aren’t worthy of being name one, we will ache a little not as much as we once were, we will lose little gain much the day we begin to be true to ourself and stand to say This is who I am especially when their intimidating question of Who does she think she is? Comes up.

Being real, being truly honest with yourself happens when we focus completely outside our thoughts and others thought/opinion but immersed in somethings and ideas that shows who we are.

Till I write again…

Olúwakóredé Anífowóṣe




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