The state of Education in Africa(Nigeria) is appaling.

After reading @victor Asemotu medium’s post and a few other writers about the State of education in Africa especially Nigeria, I decided to write mine as a student who is currently studying in one of Nigeria’s well-known university. I would like to share my part of the story, I guess it was time for a change.

Precisely, 5 years ago after leaving secondary school(High school), I decided to get into the university(College) to study computer science. All I could think of at that time was to be critically and technologically orientated in the arts of my newly found love for science, I also wanted to change my country positively using my skills. After a year, I gained admission to study the course I had always dreamt of in a school of technology (I felt technology meant thinking critically at that time, I guess I was wrong)... But after 2 years I noticed a problem, what was it?

I was quite good theoretically (first-class candidate), but technically speaking I wasn’t good. I noticed the society, the educational system and the rule of governance had affected how I thought, and had put my mind in a debilitating state... I therefore needed a way out, so I decided to train myself, staying up late at night learning to write computer programs in good and bad times(during examinations).

To cut the long story short, I am currently in my fourth year with just a year left, and I am glad I took that decision at that time.. But I fear for a lot of my colleagues who have not taken this path as they look unfit in the labour market, but I must tell you that the critical decision affected my grades and it never remained the same, I fell of the grid.

Our problem in Nigeria and parts of Africa was born majorly on the educational system, society and the government. Students also have part of the blame to take also.


The society in Nigeria is driven by grades. Most fellowship, religious institutions and Nigerian parents want their kids graduating from school with the best grades(a First Class). Most tend to care less about how critically developed their kids are. This has greatly affected the way we think. (Glad my parents gave me the encouragement I needed to be able to think critically and also perform excellently in academics). If you have not done this as a parent, then I guess you need to sit your kids down and educate them on life after school and why they need to be practically developed.

Educational system

The educational system is critically bad. Teachers lack experience about the industry and what the world needs presently and still dwell on the past. From the primary level, we are being thought to cram and pour the multiplication table. Even down to the secondary level where you get to learn probability without actually knowing the application or using it in the real world. The tertiary level which is also supposed to groom us to become Spartans in our field is also failing to do so. What we do daily even in the university is to cram, pour and pass and not to think critically, technologically or practically. The worst(best at grades but not good technically) students end up teaching and becoming doctors and the trends of educational instability follows suite. We learn without any break, do projects and assignment which are even irrelevant to the industry (old stuff), and when we ask why? We are told that this was how our professors were also thought.

The way we are being thought should be reviewed. Throughout my 4 years, I have only gained the ideology about compiler construction, loops and a few other topics and that was because the lecturers were well orientated and they also made emphasis on we knowing the course and applying it. I took Maths without understanding how to apply matrices, logarithm, naive Bayes, differentiation and some other theories to the real world. I had to sought for this myself. .

Don’t teach students to cram, pour and pass and later become civil servants. Teach them to think critically, apply and to become viable entrepreneurs.


Some students show indifference towards anything.. Even if they were being thought to think critically, they would complain. Even the so-called executive student leaders are corrupt. They embezzle money without thinking on how their subjects could be well orientated. Students who would be graduating soon, prefer to give their project work to external sources since they lack experience(especially undergraduate and PhD students) . Students need to start thinking differently. Think towards the future and try to develop your practical mind. Remember that we are the future leaders of tomorrow and our decision would affects our kids and generations after us. I would want to appeal to Nigerian students to be open-minded towards learning. Don’t build old stuff, think of solving new problems.

Conclusively, let’s stop corruption, let’s build the future and not dwell on the past. It’s time to become Spartans, change lives and act modest. I believe in changing the country in every way especially education, but do you?
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