I walked into the elevator with my suitcase trailing me, already a pit in my stomach knowing that she had been with him. It was a sick, molten feeling, churning in the pits of my stomach. A chasm I didn’t even know existed. A roaring triumph from the cumulative, successful end of the hardest semester ever, followed by the precipitous fall of knowledge unwanted.

My apartment door closed behind me with a heavy clunk, leaving the fluorescent bulb in the kitchen as the sole light in an otherwise dark studio. Around the corner my bed lay shrouded in darkness- but…

An exploration of the question: Am I a meme?

I’m a bay area brown boy, go to UC Berkeley, study computer science, like basketball, write on Medium, and think the Toronto music scene is “poppin”. Despite my very best efforts to be cool, my transformation into a meme was inevitable, and ladies and gentleman, it is now nearly complete. I finally conceded defeat today, accepting that I was just a regular guy with a difficult-to-pronounce name, watching ESPN YouTube clips on a Friday night.

It begged the question, though. If I’m a meme… what is a meme? Who am I? This question took me down a rabbit hole of…

Does anybody know the way out?

Dear anybody,

For most of my life I’ve been laying bricks. Toys I couldn’t play with, words I couldn’t say, rooms I couldn’t go into — without looking up, I’d take a brick from my cart, slather it with some mortar, and add it to my growing wall. I never expected to run out, but one day I reached into my cart and grabbed dust. It spilled through my fingers as I stared at the spot where that next brick would have fit perfectly, corners-and-all. Instead of soul-soothing rightness, I was left with a jagged hole in the wall.


Securing human prosperity after the AI revolution

Paul Sakuma/Associated Press

Through a political landscape clouded by soundbites, hidden agendas, and meaningless bickering, a dangerous future largely unaccounted for hurtles towards us. The ‘optimistic’ estimate from the OECD suggests that AI and robots will replace 14% of jobs in developed countries (saying nothing about the more easily automated jobs that dominate in some developing economies). A 2013 paper by Oxford academics Carl Frey and Michael Osborne estimated that this number could be as high as 47%. Regardless of which estimate you choose, that’s at least 13 million jobs in the US alone. For comparison, The Great Recession wiped out 8.8 million

An examination of the foundations of religious belief

Helix Nebula

Take, for example, a dog looking in the mirror. Touch, smell, sight, sound — the dog uses the same tools as we do to interpret the image he sees in the glass. But the dog doesn’t recognize that it is his own reflection which he sees, he only sees another dog. His brain conjures an explanation that isn’t really there. In fact, no matter how hard we try to convince or teach him, this dog will never understand that what he sees is light bouncing off of himself, then a reflective surface, and entering his eyes. His brain isn’t built…

How being wrong can lead you to the truth

I remember not giving a shit about speeches in high school. There’s one that I remember particularly well — a short speech we were required to give in the 9th grade. The stakes were purportedly very high. We needed to pass this speech to graduate. But as a debate nerd, I was cocky as hell. Standing in front of a high school classroom and giving a speech just sounded like Saturday to me.

But I could tell that far from everybody felt the same way. Before their speeches, I could see my classmates pouring over their flashcards and bouncing their…

Ani Gottiparthy

Interested in anything mundane.

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