Is it really important?

Does it change our life? Give it value? Or take away from it?

But everyone is talking about it. So it must be important.

But it's not.

It’s some stupid shit someone at some publication hyperventilating about getting eyeballs started talking about it, and then the…

Mike Marshall Illustrations:

During my new lockdown acquired habit of daily ninety-min-long morning walks, I listen to articles I queue up on Curio or Audm apps. With walls coming up everywhere in publication-land, these two subscription-based aggregation apps have allowed me to feed my insatiable information hunger without racking up a four-figure 💸…

from: Unsplash

I hear a lot of complaints from my newly-remote friends on how tired and overworked they feel. Every third Forbes-times-post-ian article these days seems to be about adjusting to the harsh reality of working from home. Sure, productivity was good in the beginning. …

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Approximately twenty-two years ago the coronavirus pandemic flipped the world upside down, and ushered in our new world order at lightning speed, and changed the lives of billions across the globe.

We are still digesting the after-effects of post-COVID global trauma. The coronavirus pandemic catalyzed and accelerated the new world…

IDEAhub Palacio Sotto Mayor, Lisbon © 2019 Photo: Ani Gupta

Remote working is no longer a fashionable millennial trend, but a momentous and disruptive change in how we work. Studies upon studies show an absolute advantage in productivity, morale and job satisfaction in favor of flexible working options. Remote work is one of the biggest drivers of change in business…

Ani Gupta

Ani has been building digital products for 25+ years. He has lived across the world and traveled as a nomad. He knows how transformative remote work can be.

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