The future of AI — Chat-bots and Personal Assistants

Earlier today Google unveiled its breathtaking products- the Google personal assistant and Allo (a smart messaging app). It’s not a surprise when it comes to innovation since Microsoft and apple had their own personal assistants — Cortana and Siri from a long time. Also, Microsoft launched its chat-bot integrated with Skype at build 2016. But what’s interesting is that Google has taken it a step further by even more personalising the way we interact with computers, thanks to Google’s research in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for over 10 years. Also, Google Home, a powerful competitor to Amazon’s Echo combines the power of Internet Of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to seamlessly integrate into our personal lives.

Now we know that these cool technologies are going to impact our lives greatly over the next couple of decades till we see another technological breakthrough, but let’s look at the pros and cons it has to offer:

-> Chat-bots help us type much less: they open up suggestions/smart replies and we choose the convenient one.
-> They also help us get out of situations where we do not know how to respond to a particular piece of a message, but by providing suggestions we know what to reply.
-> The AI intelligently recognises the topic of the conversation so that it can offer suggestions about the topic. For example, if two people are talking about where to head for dinner then the AI recognises the subject and gives suggestions like nearest restaurants, food menu of the restaurant, the timings and much more. The AI can also book tables on its own, so all the hassles of searching, booking, paying……..can be handled by the bot itself.
-> AI can be used in carrying out monotonous and time-consuming tasks efficiently. It can search for you on the web automatically, provide suggestions, feedback and all other cool stuff.

With every pro, there comes cons. So let’s list them:
-> The bot can do tasks that we do not want to do which can be frustrating at times.
-> The AI may understand the conversation in a totally different way which may lead to inconsistencies.
-> Due the reduced need to use our intelligence and decision making, the essential thinking abilities and creativeness of humans may depreciate. With so much assistance , we may become over dependent on machines, losing our potential in the long run.

With the advent of machine learning, these services are only going to get better and better over the coming years and change our lives completely and make this world a better place. It would be interesting to see what’s in store for us over time.

Thanks for reading.