Artwork by Debra Cartwright.

The Life of Black Girls at PWIs

Part IV: 45 Things to Note

by Anijah Boyd

Instead of just giving away more wisdom, let’s do something different this month. The lessons in Black Girls at PWIs are meant to be absorbed, not read about one day, hyped up on Twitter, and then forgotten. It is not about RTs or likes. It’s about knowing you are not alone in a White dominated world and realizing that there is support in your difficult journey. Last month, I didn’t even want to post and this month I was very close to dropping this whole operation yet here I am, still watching the lessons that take me forever to find the courage to share not being absorbed. These are all my stories too. So, here’s a list of all the things you should have learned along the way but don’t display through action.

Food For Thought

  1. Mind your business
  2. If you’re still worried about someone that pays you no mind, get a new hobby
  3. If you have to prove your happiness, you’re probably not that happy
  4. Pray more
  5. If you’re worried about me, stop
  6. College friends are temporary. A max of 2 of them will last till the end
  7. People have other problems, be considerate
  8. That don’t got shit to do with me
  9. Mind your business
  10. Instead of spewing out hate and negativity, do your homework
  11. If you have problems with keeping good friends, it’s not them, it’s you
  12. Focus on yourself more
  13. Stop seeking validation
  14. People are trash, get over it
  15. Not everything is about you
  16. If negative energy keeps finding you, YOU are the negative energy
  17. Stop being so insecure and grow
  18. Life motto: Get a new one
  19. Your man acting up? Get a(some) new one(s)
  20. Professor got you messed up? Get a new one
  21. Friends being fake? Get some new ones
  22. Not everyone is going to like you… Who cares
  23. If you think I don’t like you, I probably don’t… Who cares
  24. Talk less, listen more
  25. Mind your business
  26. Don’t try so hard. Exclusiveness instead of inclusiveness is the only sign you need
  27. When you think to say something bad about someone else, say something good about yourself.. Harder huh?
  28. Nothing is ever that deep
  29. Read a book… Or write one
  30. Good friends don’t make you question anything
  31. If you feel alone, you need new friends
  32. Spend time with yourself
  33. How you don’t like somebody, but constantly smile in their face and prosper off of their favors?
  34. Jumping back into bad situations of the past erases all of your growth. Don’t be stupid
  35. Just because someone wants to be your friend or vice versa doesn’t mean they should
  36. People lie… Often. Take notes
  37. Your intuition is always right
  38. If you have to ask basic things in your platonic and romantic relationships, throw them all away and create new ones (There 321.4 million people in the US alone… A lot of them are racist though so I guess that complicates things)
  39. Stop lowering your standards to cater to someone else’s mediocrity
  40. Love yourself. If you focus so many of your thoughts on other people you are lacking
  41. No one is obligated to care about you, care about yourself
  42. M I N D Y O U R B U S I N E S S, there’s a reason they are happy ignoring you and you are bitter critiquing them
  43. Reflect on your mistakes and learn from them
  44. If we have gotten this far in the series and you have learned nothing from me, stop reading
  45. Please Read: