I Don’t Give a Fuck About Justine Damond
Son of Baldwin

I think most white people don’t know that the reason the police force was established in the south was to capture and return Africans to the plantation whenever they escaped. We white people seem to think there could not possibly be ‘civilization’ without it. There couldn’t be white supremacy, economic segregation, mass incarceration and mass deportation without a police force. That’s pretty much what it’s good for, and that’s what it’s used for — keeping Blacks oppressed, killing them, imprisoning them and so forth.

By definition and historically, cops are only here to ‘serve and protect’ white supremacy and the comfort of us white folks. Now that we know this, how comfortable are we with the ugly reality that our Black brothers and sisters are being policed and we seldom are? I’m a 62 year old white woman and I’m constantly breaking the law in all sorts of ways. My tail light is broken right now and I can’t afford to fix it. When a cop rushes up on me, I jerk into the slow lane to get out of his way without using a signal because I’m startled. I roll through stop signs at 2 mph when no one else seems to be around. How often do any of us come to a complete stop? I jay walk a lot. Wow, what a wild and dangerous and scary life I lead! Just like all these Blacks who get murdered for doing the same damn things all the rest of us do on a daily basis. Or for doing nothing at all, which seems like most of the cases.

So, why don’t we work on getting rid of the police? We could do that. It’s not just a good idea. It’s a great fucking idea! Angela Davis has it worked out. There’s people who know what else could work, like restorative justice. Why don’t we while we’re at it, setting things right, make reparations and reconciliation to the Blacks of this nation? We owe them big time. We owe them all we got.