The Unposted Letter..

Pushed off a cliff, I was struggling assembling back my pieces. Being clueless of the link between a broken heart and a lost mind, it was hard to even get back on feet. I saw you standing there holding out your hand to help me up. I was afraid of holding another hand, after all the last one was to push me off the heights of trust & love. But you waited there to watch me walk again through painful steps. Just when we held hands and started walking together did you take me to a door… a door to a ‘Hall of Illusions’.

I hated the very path of affection; but what you paved was an illuminated fantasy to me. Just attractive and magnetic to pull me into the hall. Your Hall of Illusions- wanderer’s home if I describe it for myself. A simple walk down the shiny lanes brought peace to soul as the healing energy stitched back the wounds without a pinch of a needle. With the storm of new feelings I danced again, laughed again, cried again, fell in love again. Thank you!

All I wandered through this time was about the mysterious side of yours which you never showed up. As I struggled through my questions, you continued to pour me your addiction in cups of coffee. I was too caffeinated to let you go as you rushed out leaving me behind the doors. You didn’t belong here you told me as I insisted you to stay. But mirage had to break one day. Now I see you walking away…searching for your true home..of course this time without me.

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