Company Values to Look For While Job Hunting — Education Support

Values are beliefs expressed though action not words and they can make or break your career, not just your experience in the company.

The company you join, whether right out of college or later in your career, is a huge investment on your part. It’s likely years of your life, how you will spend a third of most days. How do you maximize what you get out of that?

By looking for companies that will help you grow.

A core value is how they invest in their engineers’ growth.

A lot of engineers in India are not aware that it is a responsible organization’s duty to invest in them. These are some ways they can do that:

  1. Providing subscriptions to learning platforms.
  2. Encouraging engineers to give talks internally and externally.

Actions like that help engineers develop not only their technical skills, but the social skills they need to bring that expertise to the people who need it.


If you are hearing of this for the first time, please go present the case that you can continuously improve at your job if given these resources.
They’re no different from having nice chairs and good computers.


The trend towards investing in your employees is only going to increase and will become a dominant factor in competing for the best engineers.
Not to mention that you create the best engineers by investing in them. The earlier you get in on this, the more progressive you can look.

Eventually the best engineers leave India. Right now it takes extraordinary heroics and dedication to do reach that level. But what if it was different?

What if, the average was highly competent engineers? What if we didn’t need heroics but a system that worked for everyone?

What if we didn’t pick a few highly prized people to go attend conferences but sent entire teams? I promise you the company is not going to collapse if people are off for a weekend.

One great upcoming conference, is React India, organized by our very own Manjula Dube
They intend to be non-profit and I’ll follow up on that myself. The tickets may be out of the range of most juniors and mid level engineers, but they are completely within the range of your company.
Wouldn’t you ask if they’d sponsor your ticket? If they won’t put the money where their mouth is, I’ll be compiling a list of companies truly dedicated to growing together with their engineers soon :)