Combinations of Jodhpuri Bandhgala

The Nehru jackets are back in the market and we can already see many celebrities wearing them for award functions and shows. Because of its simplicity, it has been one of the favorite choices among men to own and wear. Men usually don’t give much importance to fashion but the scenario is slowly changing and now all major clothing brands are giving importance to the fashion needs of men and Nehru jackets for men are available at all price ranges.

There are almost 15 varieties of Nehru jackets available in the market and all of them are differentiated based on the material, embroidery, fabric quality, occasion,accessories available and so on. One of the common types worn by men is the sleeveless jacket which can be worn over a Kurta. This is becoming a trend setter today and it is important you have one of the Nehru Jackets for men in your wardrobe as they can be worn at numerous occasions ranging from a formal wedding to even a casual get together by pairing them with Chinos.

The modified variant of this is the double breasted Nehru Jacket which is predominantly worn by youngsters and this can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, chinos and trousers.This outfit is generally seen as a wedding outfit or for an event in your college. It can be worn with sleeves and without sleeves and another variant in this design is replacing the fabric with velvet but this make sure you are wearing it in the evening as the lights are the main components that will add to the overall appeal of Nehru Jackets for men.

Another outfit which can be donned by men for occasions is the Bandhgala and most of these outfits are usually custom made because of their extensive work and design. The difference between the Nehru jackets and this outfit is the length and the material, as this outfit gives a more classy and glossy look and the visual appeal gives a sharp impression to the person wearing it. The Jodhpuri Bandhgala can be combined with even your denims and they would still work on you because of the tailoring and the style of the outfit.

This outfit looks more like an extension of your suit and with the Chinese collar it will give the person an impression of being tall. To add to the appeal you can contrast the Bandhgala with a light shirt inside or wear them with contrasting Beige Chinos. Or you can also try the formal with your denims with your buttons open and make sure that the pocket scarf is well chosen like try combining a red scarf for dark navy Bandhgala Jacket. Add semi-formal or leather shoes to go with them and make sure they are tailored for your body measurements.