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Motivation :

In one of my previous organizations we had a requirement of load testing Python and Scala based micro-services which interacted over RabbitMQ (using protocol AMQP 0.9 which is pretty different from AMQP 1.0)

We were already using Jmeter as our preferred load testing tool for Rest APIs. So I had few options to work with

  1. Jmeter with some AMQP based plugin
  2. RabbitMQ itself provides a crude way of loading queues via its PerfTest tool
  3. Last option was to build something of my own

Jmeter and RabbitMQ tool could have served the purpose to some extent but they were more suitable for async messages. Some of our micro-services used rpc (Remote Procedure Call) functionality of RabbitMQ which is more of a synchronous communication between Consumer and Publisher over queues. …

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