A program that fulfills your demand according to your need.The program is simple to understand and can be easily editable to your desirable needs.

Well, No prerequisites are needed as it’s all about the basic knowledge of programming ,about loops,conditions, and some libraries.

Below Program display it all

#Import libraries such as “os” and “pyttsx3" and a small usage of speak function using pyttsx3.

import os

import pyttsx3

pyttsx3.speak(“Welcome! How may i help u”)

#we run the while loop with boolean value “True” as it run all the condition and ask you your demand everytime.

while True:

#We ask the user inputs down here

print(“Enter your Demands : ” , end= “ “)


#Now we write the sample program using if,elif and else statements

if((“launch” in p) or (“execute” in p) or (“run” in p)) and ((“notepad” in p) or (“editor” in p)):
pyttsx3.speak(“opening notepad”)

elif((“launch” in p) or (“execute” in p) or (“run” in p)) and ((“chrome” in p) or (“browser” in p)):
pyttsx3.speak(“opening chrome”)

elif((“launch” in p) or (“execute” in p) or (“run” in p)) and ((“media player” in p) or (“wmplayer” in p)):
pyttsx3.speak(“opening windows media player”)

elif((“launch” in p) or (“execute” in p) or (“run” in p)) and ((“fox” in p) and (“firefox” in p)):
pyttsx3.speak(“opening Firefox”)

Well, the above program takes your input as launch,execute, run with the tool name you want to use i.e. chrome,Firefox,wmplayer and notepad.Other tools can also be added to the program according future needs like pinging ip addresses, domains,display date,running search on google as well as speech to text inputs as the commands..

Last statement is for exiting the continuously iterating while loop.

#The last statement will exit the loop,as we have done this using “break” statement.

elif((“exit” in p) or (“roll out” in p) or (“quit” in p)):
pyttsx3.speak(“rolling out”)
print(“rolling out”)

#Now we exit the loop☝️…👇

print(“rolling out”)

So this is how whole program is written , Readers can also gake reference and develop new things with this basic program.