Welcome to the 8th week.

Work that I did:

Fixes in Browse-activity:

Made some fixes in the Browse-activity.

  • Ported it to Python 3, along with updating collabwrapper to its TelepathyGLib version. Link to pr.
  • Made flake8 fixes. Link to pr.
  • Replaced call to “file” with “open”, for Python 3 compatibility. Link to pr.

Python 3 port of datastore:

Completed sugar-datastore Python 3 port and tested the changes.

Link to pr.

Worked on six port of the toolkit:

Made several fixes related to “Port to six” in the toolkit.

Link to pr.

Python 3 port of sugar:

Completed sugar Python 3 port, and tested the changes.

Link to pr.

That’s all for this week, tddaa!

Hey, welcome to the 7th week.

Work that I did:

Worked on testing Python 3 port of sugar-datastore and sugar:

We already had pull requests for porting sugar-datastore and sugar, testing and changes followed by it were required. I started with testing sugar, setting up the appropriate environment, ~

  • Installed sugar-artwork from head.
  • Installed sugar-datastore from python3 branch.
  • Installed toolkit for python3.
  • Installed sugar

Welcome to the 6th week of an interesting summer project.

Work that I did:

Testing and working on gwebsockets-

I continued testing and making changes in gwebsockets to make them compatible for Python 3.

Progress can be traced here.

Testing TelepathyGLib port-

Worked on advancing sugar and sugar-toolkit-gtk3 towards TelepathyGLib port. Tested the ported versions, made functional and logging comparison with the earlier static telepathy bindings. I found some issues which can be reproduced with both the versions.

Replaced TelepathyGLib operations with dbus in Chat-

I made a pr to replace TelepathyGLib operations with dbus operations in the Chat activity. This was done in favor of the recent changes in the toolkit.

Link to my pr.

Worked at other small key-points remaining for Python 3 port of the toolkit-

Link to the issue.

That’s all for now. Thank you.

Hey, this is my 4th week working on my GSoC project.

Work that I did:

Fix collaboration in Readetexts-

Collaboration was not working in the Readetexts activity. I figured out the fix for it. It was not a major change and just involved checking the channel tube state and ensuring it to be LOCAL_PENDING.

Link to my pr.

Port Collabwrapper to TelepathyGLib:

Hey, this is my 3rd week working on my GSoC project.

Work that I did:

Port Lemonade to Python 3-

This is a basic “Lemonade Stand” style game, where the player manages a lemonade stand (or similar store) and tries to make as much money as possible. …

Now I am in my second week working as GSoC’19 student with SugarLabs.

Work that I did:

Port Maze-Activity to Python 3-

A simple multiplayer maze game for the Sugar learning environment.

I ported the Maze-Activity to Python 3 along with flake8 fixes.

Flake8 is a Python library that wraps PyFlakes, pycodestyle and Ned Batchelder’s McCabe script. It is…

Hey, this was my first week working on my project and I faced some interesting challenges.

Work that I did:

Struggle with rdesktop-

My project involve porting telepathy bindings to TelepathyGLib, as Python 3 do not have support for telepathy.

Telepathy enables the creation of communications applications using components via the D-Bus inter-process communication mechanism.

To test…

After an everlasting and thrilling day of 6'th May, at 11:30 pm I quickly went to the site of Google Summer of Code and searched for the selected projects of the Sugarlabs organisation. Keeping my elation at the top my project was the last in the list and wohooo! …

Aniket Mathur

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