1. What is A.I.?

Artificial Intelligence is a multi-disciplinary field of study that emerged from computer science. The idea is to have software programs manage routine tasks where they are more effective or safer. E.g. 1. face-recognition for photos makes it easier to organize photos 2. Face-recognition can also assist in catch criminals when they are passing through airports and 3. Observing usage patterns of debit/credit card history and alerting the user when something different is observed (e.g. using an ATM in a new city) to prevent fraud. …

We are about to enter a golden age of society where we have the means to eradicate poverty, and create a more level-playing field. What is common to golden ages in history ? I say it is peace. Historically peace has led to the improvement in the living conditions, investments into science, arts and commerce and given people more time for recreation. If we can limit the use of technology in war and instead encourage its use for peace-keeping, we can be more assured of entering a golden age. But how is the state-of-the-art technology evolving? Does it create a…

[Views expressed here and elsewhere on the Internet are my own and not that of my employer]

In short, Major Upgrade. Let us start with the typical user. 5G standards are still evolving. Having seen the draft standard, it is clear that this is the first wireless network built to accommodate the rapid proliferation of devices expected in wake of IoT and CCTV (Closed Ciruit Television), or more accurately IPTV (Surveillance Cameras connected to the Internet) with more and more things getting smart and wireless.

Act One

Given all the…

Original Question posed by a User: I have been hearing that this company is going to launch 4G service from past two years. They keep postponing the launch date. Now I have started to think there are never going to launch it.

[Views expressed here and on the Internet are my own and not that of my employer.]

The point made by the User is correct, JIO did keep postponing the launch date. On that we, Jio, are guilty as charged.

My answer: Here is my take on why the delay. Telco upgrades in India are usually 4 years behind…

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I write about events I attend, issues I care about and things that Inspire me. VP Ecosystem Development at Reliance Jio Infocomm. TiE Mumbai & IIT Bombay

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