Start Teaching Online Fast!

If you are considering teaching online & feel overwhelmed by the number of choices that are available out there, then consider teachable as your content delivery partner. There are many reasons to say so which I can share from my experience, some of them being:

  • Multiple pricing plans starting from free to enterprise. This very important as it gives a chance to those wanting to tinker with the idea of launching an online course without spending money on hosting your course contents such as videos, pdfs, ppts or audio. It’s a great benefit.
  • Ease of uploading to teachable’s servers-It’s a breeze!
  • The back-end interface is very clean & easy to use. Even if you have little computer skills, you can still setup the course inside teachable including the sales page, background/thumbnail images etc.
  • An author can upload multiple courses without worrying about additional hosting/bandwidth costs.
  • There is no capping on the number of students that you can enroll into your course/s. Cool!

For somebody who just wants to focus on doing what she/he does best, teaching that is, teachable in my opinion is a fantastic solution.

Want to work with other authors?

If you are a marketer like me who has the skills to market stuff online, then you can get other authors/trainers/instructors to develop courses which you host on your platform using teachable’s professional plan priced at $99/month.

A profit percentage can be worked out between the author/s & you so that it’s a win-win for both parties. The author can focus on the content & interaction with the students & you can focus on the marketing part of the equation.

I’d like to share what I liked about the way teachable has designed this platform for courses marketplace:

  • Multiple authors can upload their courses on your marketplace & you can have separate percentages worked out with them.
  • Authors can upload unlimited number of courses on their school/shop without having to worry about the overheads such as monthly payments for using the platform or the bandwidth being used.

Features wishlist

It would be great if teachable folks can incorporate features such as:

  • Free integration with autoresponders other than mailchimp.
  • Landing page functionality within the teachable platform.
  • Ability to see which students are opening your mails sent from your school inside teachable platform.

Just try teachable’s free plan to check if it’s right for you. Doing will take you far rather than keeping on with the never ending research to find that elusive perfect solution provider.

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