Sumup of tweets & News of upcoming Improvements & features in odoo v13 community version.

Anil Kesariya
Apr 10 · 4 min read

This content will highlight the new improvements and features will added in odoo v13, based on the tweets so far.

Odoo is growing very fast and it’s each version introduced very useful feature in every next version, which makes many business life easier. It is bit difficult as well, by each version some important features are getting moved from community to enterprise.

Odoo team and community members working very hard , which makes odoo as primary need for every Small, Medium or large organisation.

Here are the list of important features.


  • Odoo Bank
  • OCR
  • The accountant as a service
  • Integration with recruitment
  • IoT
  • Stock Management Enhancement
  • Improvement in Maintenance App
  • Track positions
  • Record Attendance
  • Industry Focus
  • Sub Contracting
  • chartjs
  • CSV Import Improvements
  • help forum Improvements
  • Latest version of Jquery
  • Gantt
  • Field Services
  • After-Sales Services
  • Talent management
  • eLearning
  • Certification
  • new HTML Editor
  • Lead Generation Improvements
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Return Labels
  • Reinvoice Policy
  • Internal Log Message
  • JSQuery Upgrade
  • Qweb Views
  • HTML Editor
  • Febian Tweet.
  • Slide Module
  • Mass Editing
  • Button with group by tree view
  • Pagination with group by records.

After Sales :

The following feature will be enabled after sales,

  • Generate credit notes
  • Allow product returns
  • Repair defective products
  • Grant coupons directly from helpdesk tickets.



PR has been approved for enabling lot serial number on invoice print report.

If you are looking for the same feature in previous version then here is the link


website_sale_coupon module will move from enterprise to community version. See the link here.


Chartjs will be available in Odoo V13. This will opens up a wide range of options for building statistics and more advanced portals out of the box. PR:

PR Link


Return labels

Offer a better service to your customers by providing them with return labels Soon available though Fedex.

CSV Import Improvements

Yenthe’s PR’s has been merged for the import CSV Improvements.

Reinvoice Policy

Reinvoice policy will be enable in v13.

Internal Log Message

Set up an Out Of Office message on your leaves

JSQuery Upgrade (Click Here for PR)

Odoo master version (upcoming V13) is running on jQuery 3.x! It will have breaking changes

Qweb Views

In odoo v13, it will be possible to render QWeb views in backend bound to models for more powerful options:

HTML Editor

odoo v13 will count with a new version of the HTML editor (Summernote), that allows things like adding/removing rows & columns to tables, or adding more format elements.

Febian Tweet

Slide Module

The new improvements to the Odoo V13 Slides module are taking shape. Excellent profile and the interface to the forum.

Mass Editing (Commit)

Mass editing will be enabled with default addons from OCA extra addons.

Button with group by tree view (Commit)

Buttons can be added in the list view when the view is grouped by, then button would appear on group by header to trigger an action on the gruop records.

Pagination with group by records. (Commit)

This opens up a wide range of options for building statistics and more advanced portals out of the box. PR:

Some usefule links for News , Update and Roadmap about odoo v13.


Source : Twitter, Facebook.

Note : This document may not contains all news and tips, It will be updated if sooner later, if there is some news posted.

Happy Reading.

~A.R. Kesariya

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