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Before we dig deep into the events of the first week there’s a hearty congratulation in order for Akash Network on a smooth mainnet launch.

The genesis for the launch was released on Sept 23, 5PM UTC with the genesis time being scheduled at 25 Sept 2020, 2 PM UTC. There were a number of changes in the genesis parameters, rarely seen before in any Cosmos-SDK based networks. The validator set was capped at 64 with exactly 64 submissions for gentx with every single one of them being a valid gentx! Akash Network had detailed token economics parameters and Genesis inflation was set to 52%. …

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With Game of zones coming to an end, we have some exciting news to share. We found a bug that allowed us to invalidate tokens from GoZ Hub (doubloons) in our zone.

Our approach was simple and requires no code changes. We, the team Regen, have created some fake tokens to mimic the ibc-token representation on the destination chain (zone). The tokens transferred via IBC are represented in the form of transfer/<somechanstring>/<denom> and we used that for our attack.

We initialized our zone accounts with tokens and then transferred the real doubloons from hub to our zone. …

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Regen network recently concluded the 1st incentivized testnet slated for Q1 of 2020 named algradigon-1. This testnet was designed to help onboard new validators who would like to join an already strong set of validators, get handy with upgrades and ensure emergency upgrades of the network can be undertaken smoothly. These upgrade tests were undertaken by having a whopping 4 upgrades spaced in the span of two weeks. For a look at the original testnet announcement check out this medium blog. For a look at the official instructions check out the github repo here

Algradigon-1 was launched on 23rd Jan at 17:00UTC with 38 validators signing on the genesis block. Let’s dive deep into the upgrades and see how the testnet progressed. …

It was always a dream to sit back and watch my computer doing all the coding for me. It feels fascinating but the reality is a reality, it takes time to reach there. We all are in the era of automation. Most of the manual tasks in the manufacturing industry are being automated day by day and thus in computer technology too.

At Vitwit, we are developing various types of applications from half a decade now. Our regular days are filled with coding, debugging, building and deploying. We incorporated a lot of advanced tools to automate our works in monitoring, integration, and deployment. But it is always a task to sit and code extensively for any new application. Be it from definitions, APIs, SDKs, to test-scripts & monitoring, there’s a lot of code involved and a lot of manual effort indeed. Generally we, the developers are not bored with coding, I think that’s the reason, we don’t try to automate it. We follow devsecops culture here at Vitwit, thus we got some time and motivation to automate a few of our coding efforts. We felt bored with writing repetitive code. As being bored out of your mind makes you more creative, we found a few ways to automate our regular coding tasks. Great! Thanks to swagger’s codegen for making it easy for us in our first attempt i.e,


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