Edutech for Tomorrow

Edutech is the new trend in the startup ecosystem but none has identified and done to really help the students being well inside the system. With the growing speed of the lifestyle parents are really failing to understand the kids and institutions trying to build the success records are avoiding the need of the students with small problems.

What are we doing now?

The edtech startup are now behind changing the progress tracking system and digitizing the way of teaching. The investors on the other hand, seeing how parents will be spending their saving for these tools to keep a track of their kids are investing heavily into these startups rather than seeing how much real difference they are bringing to the system.

Many startups may argue by saying we are using the data and tracking the student’s academia on the real time basis or we are providing kids better understanding about a topic through visual experiences. But the problem is not getting solved completely, a school report card can tell a parent that a kid is weak in studies but we need startups to say where the kids pain point lies. We need more startups who can help parents understand their kids not by their report cards but by their behaviour.

Where lies the real problem?

I, personally grew up as a normal child in India who had a minor problem of dyslexia which my parents after giving enough time to me couldn’t really understand the problem what I had. I often spelled simple words incorrectly or got confused between “dairy” or “diary”. These problems were neglected by my parents by stamping me as being careless. This could have been identified with proper education to the parents and identifying the problem at the roots.

The startups in India are empathising for the schools and teachers, not the students who deal the problems. Understanding each kid’s brain is wired differently and providing the solution to each is different, this would help startups empathise more for the students.

What should be the next step?

The answer for most of the problems is not just technology, the problem needs to be identified, talked about and needs a lot of help from various institutional level to the grass root and even need various disciplines to come together to find a solution. The growing technologies like Big Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning will surely play a great role in solving most of these issues. Design will need a special mention as that’s the discipline which will be leading the technologies forward and understand each student differently and act differently for each of them.

The real problem can be solved not just by the startups, we need the society to come forward and fight towards the change for a better tomorrow.