Ten things that make nerdy extroverted introverts super duper happy.

There are introverts. There are extroverts. And then there are the nerds. But often hidden from plain sight is a third, very rare group of people. They are the intersection of these three character traits. Of late I have realized that I am one of them. I can be super quiet or as chirpy as a cricket. I can be pensive for a minute and goofy in the other. The list goes on… Speaking of lists I have made one on us fellow beings. I hope it resonates. :)

  1. Reading a soul stirring book has to top the list !!!
  2. An unexpected text or call from a long lost friend.
  3. Reruns of favorite TV shows. Tearing up during the romantic scenes.
  4. Fishing out unexpected money from a random pocket in the jeans.
  5. A pat on the head by loved ones when they pass by your seat.
  6. Imagining perfect conversations and scenarios with your favorite fictional characters.
  7. Meeting a person for the first time and being told that a friend has mentioned a lot about you.
  8. Finding the next song played on the radio being the exact one you wanted it to be.
  9. Making faces at stranger’s kids when the parent is not looking. Its a bonus if the kid smiles :P
  10. Smell of fresh sheets, coffee, aroma of good food *stomach gurgling* .

These are just a few things from the top of my head. There are so many more. But the most important thing is that our common traits make us relate ourselves to others. And our very own special quirks made us different. Never lose your traits or your quirks. Because they are needed in equal measures to stir the unique magic that lies within each one of us.

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