Week 15: New year, new me (?!)

2017 went by in a blur. You can read my ode to the year that was 2017 in the previous article. Until the last two hours of 2017 I was absolutely sure that I would go clubbing and start the new year surrounded by lots of music and tipsy folks having a good time. Oops! Change of plans. Like every ideal introvert who is a wannabe extrovert I backed out at the last minute and went to watch the fireworks at the Frankfurt bridge instead. A big step for me considered that I was gonna strike out the going out part entirely from the itinerary.

While half the city was busy capturing the glorious fireworks on their gizmos, I soaked up the ambiance and the excitement with my naked eyes sans a smartphone. 2018 kickstarted (Really? Haha) 14 hours ago. New Year is a national holiday here in Germany. So I guess the year has indeed started on a positive note. For starters, I am definitely not groaning at 7 AM about dragging my lazy ass to college or work on this Monday.

It’s 2:07 PM while I write this line. So far I have managed to wake up, do my ablutions, have a nice breakfast and wish my family and friends all across the world via texts and calls a very HNY (if you still don’t know what this abbreviation means, then you are living under a rock my friend.) The best part to this laid back start of the year is that we have absolutely no excuse to not start our new year resolutions.

I for a change do not have a resolution for this year. Unlike the past years where each one of my “new year new me” resolutions abruptly halted within a week. I have decided to keep up the good things from 2017 and discontinue the unwanted habits as far as possible. I definitely want to keep writing an article per week, keep learning to play guitar (a life long bucket list item!), bake an occasional cake or two, be an active member of the new international book club that I have joined and hit the gym at least four times (OK fine you got me! At least three times?!) a week.

I started all these activities almost at the end of 2017. I preferred to begin when I got the urge rather than waiting for the new and shiny me on the first day of the new year. The thing is, I have stopped waiting for 364 days to start something new on the first day of the Georgian calendar year.