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You Can’t Start the Revolution from the Country Club.

The current fashion amongst alpha geeks is to reinvent many of the building blocks of the social web. Given that I’ve been obsessed with that particular intersection of technology and culture for a dozen years, I should be unequivocal in my excitement. But this time it’s complicated. Because we’re shutting some people out.

The tech diversity story that’s not being told.

We’ve had countless conversations about the horrible track record of the tech industry when it comes to the inclusion…

Throwing cold water on the phenomenon

The ice bucket challenge to fight ALS has been a tremendous success in fundraising. So is there any legitimate reason that so…

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I don’t think this is how I’m supposed to use collections.

Mike Brown was a man.

It’s plain as day that the cops have no strategy, no end goal in Ferguson. There’s no leadership. They don’t even understand the situation that they’ve found themselves in.

Basic crowd management for a group that will not, or can not, disperse is to de-escalate. The rent-a-cops at a hippie music festival know exactly what to do when the sound cuts out…

What Is Public?

It’s so simple, right?

Someone could make off with all your garbage that’s put out on the street, and carefully record how many used condoms or pregnancy…

I Know Times Are Changing

Unlocking Purple Rain at 30, from Seger to sound trucks to Stevie Nicks.

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Every Bad Apology Your Tech Company Needs

We’re sorry if anyone was offended.

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A Bitcoin for Digital Art

Currency is boring. Let’s make GIFs!

On Friday May 2nd, around 7pm, Kevin McCoy completed transaction #1217706 on the Namecoin block chain…

One billion dollars later…

Why is it easier to track how many steps I take every day than it is to know how much time I spend online?

The Year I Didn’t Retweet Men

Being mindful about whose voices I amplify.

In its early days, Twitter used to have a suggested user list, people whose Twitter…