It’s the “Pop Life” Talkshow!

Anil Dash

Welcome to Pop Life, a weekly interview series with some of the most interesting people shaping (or reshaping) culture. Pop Life is like a podcast, but in a live text chat instead of audio. Each week, you’ll be able to join in live and submit questions for our guests to answer in realtime.

Join us.

Pop Life happens every Tuesday at 1pm Eastern Time/10am Pacific. You can follow along on the web, but to ask questions or participate in the live show, you’ll need to download the free Talkshow from the App Store. Talkshow is a new format, kind of like texting in public, and Pop Life is designed to use this new format to show us different sides of these guests than we’d discover through a regular audio podcast or a standard print interview.

Episode 9: September 27, 2016

Follow April on Twitter as @reignofapril, check out her work at BroadwayBlack and on NU Tribe, and visit her personal site at

Episode 8: September 20, 2016

Find Kio’s book When Strangers Meet on Amazon, and follow her at Kio Stark on Medium or @kiostark on Twitter.

Episode 7: September 13, 2016

Join us when we talk to Tony at 1pm EDT on Tuesday, September 13! Download the free Talkshow app to ask your questions. And subscribe to Every Frame a Painting on YouTube, or follow Tony Zhou on Twitter.

Episode 6: August 30, 2016

Follow @mattcutts on Twitter and check out Matt’s blog.

Episode 5: August 23, 2016

Follow John on Twitter, and check out his site, Daring Fireball.

Episode 4: August 16, 2016

Follow Erica on Twitter, and check her out as EricaJoy on Medium.

Episode 3: August 9, 2016

You can get Kenji’s best-selling book The Food Lab on Amazon, and read his column over on Serious Eats.

Episode 2: August 2, 2016

Check out Hari’s new album “Mainstream American Comic” on iTunes or on Amazon.

Episode 1: July 26, 2016

About Pop Life

Pop Life is hosted by me, Anil Dash. I’m excited to team up with the nice people at Talkshow to make this possible. (I’m also an advisor to their company, but I’d be doing this show regardless.)

Be a guest on Pop Life!

Interested in being interviewed on Pop Life? Have a book, performance, project or app to promote? Send a note to with the subject line “Pop Life” and we’ll see if there’s a fit.

Anil Dash

Written by

Anil Dash

CEO of @Glitch. Trying to make tech more ethical & humane. (Also an advisor to Medium.) More:

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