Taking FogBugz Forward

The platform that pioneered bug tracking is taking a big leap forward for the new era of software development.

  • FogBugz provides a unique and valuable set of tools for managing the software development process, but some of its power just isn’t very discoverable.
  • The user experience and design of FogBugz haven’t evolved to keep pace with the other tools that dev teams use, which means the platform hasn’t felt as relevant to newer software developers.
  • People who know Fog Creek like our history of advocating for developers, and of supporting the way that teams learn to make great products, and that should be reflected in FogBugz itself.
  • FogBugz users are increasingly relying on a suite of different tools for tasks like chat or continuous integration. It would improve the development process if those were connected directly to FogBugz.
  • Software development has changed to focus on a broader set of business and social goals that goes far beyond bugs in code, and needs to respond to bigger organizational or cultural concerns.
  • People who use FogBugz today really appreciate its abilities, and in general are the kind of teams that like to use the best tool for the job in all their processes. This means FogBugz users are hungry for better connections to the other best-of-breed tools like Slack, GitHub, Google Docs and Trello.
  • FogBugz does have great project management and bug-tracking tools but seeing more energy and innovation around the platform could make it even more valuable for your teams; its older design can sometimes present a barrier to wider adoption of the platform, or to discovering its deeper features.
  • Most people who use FogBugz have a pretty positive impression of Fog Creek Software and most of you use at least one of the other products we’ve created or co-created, whether that’s past work like Stack Overflow and Trello, or our newest offering, Glitch.
  • There are a lot of polite 😬 responses about the branding of FogBugz.
An early glimpse at the simpler, cleaner user experience that’s coming to FogBugz

Modernizing the FogBugz experience

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