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Illustration: Aaron Fernandez

The hardest part about creating with code isn’t the code.

For years, people in the tech industry have talked about “No Code” — tools and services that let you build a website or an app just by clicking or tapping, without having to know how to write code. If you’ve listened to a podcast in the past few years and heard “we’ll help you build a great website just by picking a beautiful template,” then you know what we’re talking about. The idea of empowering more people to create is a profound and important one.

But as great as these No Code tools are, there are lots of meaningful problems, and joyful creations, that can only be addressed by writing code.

Unlocking more magic on Glitch
Unlocking more magic on Glitch

When we created Glitch, we set out to eliminate all the barriers to creating a full stack web app. It’s the easiest possible way to instantly go from an idea to a running app, because we simplified coding collaboration and version control and configuration and all the other complex parts. It’s succeeded beyond our wildest dreams: our community has now created well over 5 million apps on Glitch. So, now that it’s easy to create apps, we had to solve the next big problem: running your apps.

Making Apps Easy

Traditionally, cloud web services have just been too damn hard to get started with, from figuring out exactly which services you need, to trying to guess how much all of those complicated pieces are going to cost. But just like Glitch simplified version control and coding collaboration and app deployment, we’re simplifying the ability to run real, reliable apps in the cloud. …

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Many people have lost trust in the tech industry, but there’s a concrete step we can take to do something about it.

Most people who use technology don’t stop to wonder, “Who’s on the board of directors of the company that made this product?” But in a moment when tech is increasingly leaving us feeling uneasy, or even creeped out, unsure if we can trust what’s happening with our data or whether a company has our best intentions in mind, it turns out this is a question that matters.

So today, at Glitch, we’re doing something unprecedented in pushing for accountability and inclusion for a tech company: We’re making an open call for a board member for our company. …


Anil Dash

CEO of @Glitch. Trying to make tech more ethical & humane. (Also an advisor to Medium.) More: http://anildash.com/

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