Do everything you truly believe!

During my last 6–7 years, I noticed there were plenty of ideas and chores I was sure of doing. But when I shared about those with my friends/colleagues, they were unsure of it. That made me doubt myself. I eventually discontinued my idea. This continued for long.

There were times when I was even stubborn about my ideas, but back of my mind, I always doubted myself. Then eventually I did not continue with my ideas as I thought maybe people around me are not acceptable for the idea.

Even proving to people why you are right doesn’t work at all. They are not in the same mindset as you are. This mostly never worked.

The surprising part and which made me conclude and write this post. The same people who were unsure about my ideas, same people who never accepted my ideas, same people who almost ridiculed my idea. Down the line after few years, have adopted those ideas. And they are now thinking on the same lines I was thinking years back. I have had this experience for quite more times.

So this is a hard lesson. You should always do what you truly believe. Always do it. Never let it waste. This helps you grow. This is your superpower!