Using an IRC Bouncer

I am assuming you already know what an IRC is. If you don’t know just Google it up. I use IRC and it’s been years.

I want to share a tip related to using IRCs. It’s about using IRC Bouncers.

IRC Bouncer (also named as BNC) is a server software which allows us to connect us to our favourite IRC servers. It acts as a proxy for IRC server. But additionally it keeps a persistent connection to IRC server and shows a backlog of history on reconnect.

I am fan of ZNC and have used for years. You need to host it on some server. A cheap $5 droplet of Digital Ocean works just best. For last few days, I have been using a hosted IRC Bouncer service named EliteBNC, it’s free, but you have to request for its credentials on their IRC channel #EliteBNC on Freenode

Following are benefits of using IRC Bouncer.

  • You can see chat happened on IRC channel, even if you are disconnected. IRC Bouncer replays replays chat history upon reconnect.
  • There are different IRC bouncer plugins with which you can make IRC experience better. e.g setting your IRC away nick etc.
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