A Crime of Passion
A Solitary Stranger

do i need to validate my passion through peer or external approval? if others dont understand my passion, does it make my pursuits invalid or meaningless? What does one have to lose when one;s passion does not invoke others’ passion, a company!, so i trade-off my search for good company with solitude? what else do i trade off, may i ignore those who are hypocrites, even if they happen to be loved ones, what else??

But do i simply discount motivational encounters for children because not all children are able to realise adequate results/returns to their passionate pursuits? I will spend next tean years to work with children precisely to inflame passions, to persuade as many of them as possible to follow a path that they prefer. I know there have been times when some of the passionate grown up youth start expecting too many accolades. i also know when their focus gets diluted but they expect similar results. Is it the passion which is the real problem, or one’s inability to get recognition for the pursuit?

if the latter, then one should may be look at the ration of private, common and public goods created in the journey to pursue passion? also sometimes, not sharing one’s passion with people at large, may impeded inflow of strangers. interacting with youth, students, and others is important to find fellow travellers.

let me conclude, that passions are a personal contract between one’s conscience and one's sense of being sane. How does it matter what the world thinks about it. Fame, name and recognition are important only to a point, after that they alienate more than integrate one with life. If paintings of vincent von Gogh did not fetch him any income in his lifetime, does it make the innate beauty of thsoe paintings any less valuable? If he ended up in a sanitorium or mental assylum, does it make his pain less/more bearable because his art became famous afterwards.

I dont think i have the right to answer these questions. It is after all the call of every passionate person, to be in sync with his inner being ( partially or completely). I dont give anyone else a right to comment on my morals, motivations and meaningless excursions. How do i earn a right to do so to anyone else. pursue your passions, o stranger. avoid the trap of finding out everything about the stranger, love with a stranger is most benign , even if somewhat ‘wasteful’ pursuit, it is completely asymmetrical, non-reciprocal, so long as the person remains a stranger. Stranger, i am willing to know you though….